We offer themed and individual shows for artists of all mediums. Currently, each show lasts two months. As we progress as a gallery, we intend to move to month long shows.

All shows will open on the first Friday of the month.

It is free to apply to be a part of a themed show and it is free to hang your art in the gallery for the length of the show. We take a 30% commission on all sold pieces.


As space is limited, if your application is not accepted for a show, the next application you submit will have priority. It is important for us to stay fresh and welcoming to all artists.

We will have space for both 2D and 3D pieces. If your piece is more in line with an installation, please note this in your application email and we may reach out to discuss the details further prior to accepting your application.

For individual shows, we are seeking artists who create pieces that are Beyond the Ordinary. If we are interested in your work, we will arrange an in-person meeting to discuss your proposal.

All accepted artists must sign the consignment contract and fill out the associated inventory sheet. Please review them prior to applying as they go into further detail regarding artist guidelines.

For pieces that are sold during the run of the show, we will ask if the purchaser is able to leave the piece with us until the end of the show. If that is not possible, we will invite the artist to hang/display a second piece until the show concludes. If the artist is unable to provide a second piece, we will fill the space with another artist's piece.