We are seeking makers and artisans to display and sell their works in the gift shop portion of our store.

To Apply, email us at with a description of your work, 3-5 images, your price point, your display requirements, and a little about yourself. We will reach out if we need more information.

Our gift shop is refreshed every season. Each maker will be allowed to display their pieces for a three month period. If the pieces sell well and we feel they are a good fit, a maker may be asked to continue displaying for the next season. We have full control over the design of the gift shop, but will take your recommendations into account.

It is free to apply to be a part of a season and it is free display your pieces in the gift shop for the length of the season. We take a 30% commission on all sold pieces.

We are looking for unique works that are Beyond the Ordinary.

As space is limited, if your application is not accepted for a season, the next application you submit will have priority. It is important for our gift shop to stay fresh.

All accepted makers must sign the consignment contract and fill out the associated inventory sheet. Please review them prior to applying as they go into further detail regarding maker guidelines.

If possible, we ask you to provide us enough inventory to replenish any sold items. We will alert you if our stock is running low and ask that you provide additional pieces.